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Breezeway Cleaning at Newburgh, IN Apartment Community

Breezeway Cleaning at Newburgh, IN Apartment Community

Our team took advantage of the nice weather in February and travelled to Newburgh, IN to pressure wash some breezeways!

Breezeways are an important part of any property and can add a sense of fresh air and beauty for residents in the summer months, so we hit the road and made sure these breezeways did just that! The primary method for cleaning apartment breezeways involves pressure washing and soft washing. Pressure washing effectively removes stains, dirt, and debris from the concrete, while soft washing targets mold, dust, dirt, and cobwebs on the walls and corridors. It's crucial to minimize water usage in these confined areas to safeguard residents and their homes from potential water damage. Ultimately, our aim is to enhance their living experience, not disrupt it.

With that said, our team is dedicated to improving this aspect of our process and will soon have some exciting news to share on the topic!

Service provided: Buildings/Breezeways/Amenities

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Client Review

I recently used Indy Soft Wash for one of my properties that had stains on the concrete hallways and dirt on the siding. We have tried in the past to have it washed and water went in the apartments. Indy Soft Wash set it up so that it did not go in the apartments plus did continuous checks of the apartments. The concrete looks so good and so do the hallway walls! We were so impressed with their work. I will definitely use them again.

- Mark S


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