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Limescale Removal at Butler's University Star Fountain in Indianapolis, IN

Customer: John L., Butler University's Manager of Facilities & Operations

"We have a Star Fountain in the middle of campus that has now been shut down and we would like to be washed out. The fountain was recently coated with lineX truck bed liner that is Butler blue, I am hoping we can see that again at the end of this! In your picture (referencing one we had taken while quoting the project) you can kind of see it near the top, that is the color I am trying to restore but there is a lot of grime on it."

For this project we had to remove 2-3mm of limescale build up to get down to that Butler Blue lining.

Here's what John had to say in an email when he saw the finished product: "WOW – this looks great! Thanks so much, guys!"


Client Review

WOW – this looks great! Thanks so much, guys!

- John L


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