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Multifamily Apartment Cleaning in Greenfield, IN

Total Scope of the Work: 16 buildings, 192 patios, and a 2,200 sqft pool deck.

In early-June of this year, we were on our way to do a house & roof wash for a customer out in Greenfield, IN. Along our route, we passed an apartment complex that looked like it could use our services (lots of green algae buildup!!) So, after we had taken care of our customer, we made it a point to stop by the leasing office. I introduced myself, told them why I was popping in, and offered to put a quote together for them.

Long story short, the Property Manager called us back in late November asking if it was too late to get it done - NOPE!

We froze our butts off the first day of the job (as you can see in the video), but mother nature blessed us with a window of warm weather and we got the job done. The Property Manager of the apartment complex was super pleased with the quality of our work, our efficiency, and the overall experience of hiring us to do their power washing.



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